Is your dog destroying your plants and irrigation system, digging or jumping walls?

Is your wandering cat a nuisance to the neighbours?

There is a solution that is not only practical and cost effective, but safe to all animals and people who may come into contact with it.

Pet Persuader is a DIY electronic pet deterrent kit which is easily installed in front of, behind, or on top of a particular area you want to keep your pet in or out of, and covers an area of up to 2.5 km's. It works by putting about 2500 volts onto the fence via a short sharp pulse about once per second. This interval between the pulses ensures the devices’ safety and is required by law. The Persuader is suitable for deterring most small animals such as cats,
dogs, monkeys, baboons, dassies, rabbits and
small buck.



Recommended and used by vets, it is an excellent solution for keeping roaming animals out of your property and conversely, keeping your pets within the confines of their own home thereby preventing all sorts of dangerous situations i.e. being run over. It will also prevent your dogs from ploughing up your garden, should they be this way inclined. Animal Behaviour Consultant, Karen Gray-Kilfoil had the following to say about the Pet Persuader: “As well as recommending it to clients, I have used it myself on my own dogs, to great effect. Although the ‘shock’ is enough to put most animals off that spot for a long time, it is not harmful or traumatic if used correctly.” The Pet Persuader is sold countrywide at selected garden centres, Mica hardware stores, pet and vet shops.

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