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 What is PERSUADER used for?       
* Persuader can be used for small animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits,
   baboons, dassies, buck, pigs etc.
* Stops pets from destroying flower beds etc.
* Stops them jumping over walls 
* Burrowing through fences
* Keeps them out of dustbins & bird feed areas 
* Stops the digging up of irrigation systems 
* Protects fish/ koi ponds, etc. 

What voltage does it make?
About 2500 Volts - pulsed. Each pulse of about 2500 volt is on for
about one thousandth of a second, and then off for almost a second. 
The 'off' interval is required by law. The output voltage is PULSED, so 
strictly speaking it is neither AC or DC.

How much power does it take from the mains?
PERSUADER uses about 5 Watts of power - far less than the average 
light bulb. It only uses a few Milliamps.

How much power does it put into the fence?
About 0,1 Joules of energy is transferred to the fence. (Crude estimate).

How high are the poles?
The poles are 70cm in length.

How long a fence can the kit build?
10 - 12 metres of fence can be assembled by using the contents of the kit.
But: (Important!) the energizer can power up to 2,5 kilometres of live wire, thus the kit is very extendable. 
One simply needs to add more poles and wire to have a longer fence – The energizer will cope with ease.

What will happen if a small child touches the fence?
The energy put out by PERSUADER is so low that it cannot cause any physical harm. A child touching the fence
will get quite a fright but the child will be unharmed. Very strict laws govern the design of a device such 
as PERSUADER.  PERSUADER complies fully with all these requirements, and actually goes far beyond these 
laws as far as safety is concerned. Therefore it is perfectly safe. 
Will this kit work for horses/cattle/sheep/etc.?
It probably will, but it has been designed for household pets and smaller animals such as baboons, small buck, 
dassies, etc. therefore we cannot give a definite guarantee that it will work for all other animals.

Can we use PERSUADER to power several separate fences?
Absolutely, as long as the total length of live wire (i.e. wire connected to the live terminal) does not exceed 
2,5 km. The separate fences are simply connected together using 2-core flex wire (available from any hardware 
or electrical shop). Simply connect the ‘live’ parts of the separate fences together with one core, and the 
earths with the other.

How do we use PERSUADER to stop an animal jumping over a wall? By mounting the fence on top of the wall and connecting it as shown in the instructions, or by erecting the fence in the ground a half metre or so in front of the wall, i.e. at the point from where the animal would leap in order to scale the wall (this is less time consuming than to mount the poles on or against the wall).

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Where must the energizer be mounted? The energizer must not get wet
(it is NOT waterproof), and should be kept out of direct sunlight (else it may get too
hot). It should preferably be mounted inside your house or garage, or in your pool filter housing, etc. Use 2-core flex (available from any hardware or electrical shop) to connect it to the fence outside.

General procedure as regards the return of faulty units!
PERSUADER comes with a one year warranty. This covers everything
except lightning damage. The warranty is also void
if the unit is opened by the customer, or tampered with or allowed to get wet (the energizer is not waterproof). All of this is clearly stated in the instructions.

In all cases, the energizer should be forwarded directly to PERSUADER for repair.

Turn-around time is only a few days. 

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76 Nelson St.

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