1 Year Warranty

Current Suggested Retail Price

Call for details

(Various stockists do sell Persuader at discounted prices when running specials - please check with them)

Persuader Kit, complete = Under revision, please enquire by contacting us or at your stockist.


Contents :

1 energizer unit.....
1 earth pole
12 black uPVC fence poles
100m coil of wire
2 warning signs

Contents Photo

Energizer Unit Only = Enquire at Stockist
Extra black uPVC Fence Poles = Enquire at Stockist
Extra Earth Poles = Enquire at Stockist
Extra 100m Coil of Wire = Enquire at Stockist
Extra Warning Signs = Enquire at Stockist
Green uPVC Fence poles that blend in with foliage are now available. - R6.30


Postage costs are based on the Post Office tariffs and may vary accordingly
Postage Kit Normal (Insured) = Enquire at Stockist
Energizer Insured = Enquire at Stockist

Kit & Extras

  Depending on amounts, please query.
Kit Overnight = Enquire at Stockist
Energiser Overnight = Enquire at Stockist
If the stockist closest to you does NOT have what you need, ask them to order it for you.


Most problems are repairable, i.e. lightning. Once we have opened and assessed the energizer unit we will call to inform you of the problem and give a quote for the repair.

Please return all repairs directly to PERSUADER and not your stockist.


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