Thank you for purchasing the PERSUADER. We trust that it will successfully enable you to contain your pets as well as those of your neighbours.

The PERSUADER functions by emitting a short, sharp electrical impulse at a rate slightly faster than once per second. The impulse duration is less than one thousandth of a second so the amount of energy emitted is very small. Apart from giving animals a fright, the PERSUADER holds no danger for pets or children. For additional safety, the PERSUADER is fitted with the PULSECURE ™ backup circuit, this ensures that the pulse rate will never exceed safe limits.


Drive the PVC fence poles (70cm in length) roughly 20cm into the ground and about 80 - 100cm apart. If you decide to tension the wire, put the poles further apart.
The output terminal 'NEUTRAL' (EARTH) is connected to the earth pole, which has been driven into the ground as close as possible to the spot where you want to erect your electric fence.

The terminal 'LIVE' is connected to the electric fence. NOTE that all fence wires are 'LIVE', they are all connected together, as seen in Figure 1a below. NOTE also that you may not need to install all 6 fence wires, two or three may be enough to deter your pet!

Should you erect your electric fence next to an existing wire fence, you can use the existing fence as your 'EARTH' pole, i.e. connect the 'NEUTRAL' (EARTH) terminal to your existing wire fence.



Figure (1a) By simultaneously touching the fence and the ground your pet will complete an electrical circuit. The
current has to flow from the energizing unit ('LIVE' terminal) into the fence, through the animal into the 
ground and back to the energizing unit ('NEUTRAL' terminal). Note that the current actually has to flow 
through the soil and will therefore be most effective if the soil is kept damp.


Figure (1c) Prevent animals from burrowing under an existing wire fence. In this case the fence will 
function the same as Figure (1a) with the additional advantage that your electric fence is now earthed along 
its entire length.


To prevent animals from jumping over the wall, you may choose to install your electric fence as shown as Figures (2a)or (2b) below. Use brackets to mount the poles against the wall, or drill pilot holes into the wall from above.
that in this case the wall may not provide a good electrical connection to earth, and therefore it is necessary to run an ‘EARTH’ wire (connected to the ‘NEUTRAL’ terminal of the energizer) along the top of the wall. In this case the animal will get a shock when it touches both the ‘LIVE’ and ‘NEUTRAL’ wires simultaneously, as it tries to clear the wall. Touching only the ‘LIVE’ wire may not have any effect in this case.



star The energiser unit is NOT waterproof! Please ensure that it is installed in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Should it be mounted away from the fence, it can be connected to the fence using ordinary 2-core electrical flex wire obtained from most harware or electrical shops.

star The energizer unit is protected against short circuit, i.e. no harm can be done to it by touching the output terminals (’LIVE’ and ‘NEUTRAL’) together, or by wetting the fence (e.g. rain, or when moistening the soil in order to create an improved earth connection). Due to this built-in protection and the fact that the PERSUADER is quite harmless, it is both safer and more practical to keep the energizer unit indoors and connect it to the fence using the method given above than to run your 220 Volt mains into the garden.

star When EXTENDING your fence you will need another earth pole every 20 - 30 metres, depending on soil conditions.

star You cannot electrify an existing wire fence because the fence is earthed and all the current will flow into the ground with no effect on the animal. You can however use the wire fence as an earth and erect your PERSUADER in front of it making sure the ‘LIVE’ and ‘EARTH’ wires are separated.


Use the following check-list to trouble shoot your electric fence:

1 Is the soil moist enough to conduct electricity?

When in doubt, spend a few minutes watering your garden around the fence before letting your pets loose.

Are the ‘LIVE’ and ‘NEUTRAL’ wires touching anywhere?
Is any vegetation touching the ‘LIVE’ part of the fence?
1 For paving or concrete, use the wall top method, alternating live & neutral wires.
1 Make sure the wires finish off on the fence and are NOT brought back to the energiser unit.
Is the ‘LIVE’ wire touching the ground?
Remember that any conducting path between the ‘LIVE’ and ‘NEUTRAL’ parts of the fence can render your system ineffective. You can often detect such a situation by putting your ear to the energizer unit, if it ‘ticks’ more softly with the fence connected to it than when it is disconnected, there may be a short-circuit path.

Are all electrical connections sound?

Has the animal made proper contact with the fence?

Remember that PERSUADER is a 'pulsed' devise, i.e. the high voltage is only ON for a fraction of a second, after which it is OFF for about 0.85 of a second.



Please note that the Department of Manpower Regulations governing electric fencing (RSA Government Gazette, 12 August 1988) requires that such a fence should have a warning sign, should it be installed where people are able to come into contact with it. Your PERSUADER kit contains 2 warning signs for this purpose. Please install the signs. Electric fences may not be installed in communal or public places.


The PERSUADER energizer unit is guaranteed against malfunction for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Should any problem be experienced during this period kindly return it directly to PERSUADER, together with proof of purchase.

DO NOT OPEN THE UNIT ! Your warranty will be forfeited if the unit is opened by any unauthorised person, or if it is damaged in any way.

Please also note that due to the immense amount of energy that is released during an electric storm, we are unable to extend this warranty to cover damage caused by lightning.

Due to incorrect, irresponsible or negligent use, PERSUADER, it’s owners and staff shall not under any circumstances be held responsible or liable for any accident, injury, damage or any other loss that may occur with the use of this product whatsoever.



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